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Michael Noble: Hard Work Never Goes Out of Style

Michael Noble Backstage at the Opry


Michael Noble is a hit songwriter, session guitar player and member of the Grand Ole Opry band. His story is a fascinating and weaves in names like Roy Orbison, Kenny Rogers…

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Canine Carpool Karaoke with Jane Bach

One of the greatest gifts of my life is the opportunity to learn from other songwriters, and listen to their Nashville stories. Watch this episode of Canine Carpool Karaoke with hit songwriter Jane Bach as she shares stories about…

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The Parable of the Hike


In-the-Round: Me, Jan Buckingham and Donna DeSopo. Photo credit Bill Warrington.

Years ago, a friend shared a story with me about a very challenging hike she went on. The trail would end at an amazing summit that…

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Music City Orange Coconut Bark

Last October I gave up desserts. For those of you who know me this is a VERY big deal as my sweet tooth is legendary. But, there was one thing I just couldn't give up: CHOCOLATE.

After trying…

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AmericanaFest Round-Up for Artists

Berklee Americana Showcase at The Family Wash with my Band
Michael Boris, Me, Bill D, and Nick Arbuckle

Nashville is now officially in recovery mode from the 17th Annual AmericanaFest extravaganza. The event brings thousands of fans and artists to…Read more

How To Choose the Best Team to Record With

Me with Vocal Producer Judy Rodman

How exciting- you're getting ready to record new music!!!

Recording on any level means you need to make some decisions about where you'll record, how you'll record and who you'll record with. All these…Read more

Dreams are Free: Hustle is Sold Separately

Recently I was giggling with a good friend and fellow songwriter about what a typical day looks like as an indie artist. This particular day, in addition to my eight hour day job, I...
  • Reviewed and completed a music license…
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5 Resolutions Singer/Songwriters Can Stick To

A few years ago I saw a bumper sticker that said "Increased Happiness by Lowered Expectations."

In my opinion, this little gem of wisdom can be applied to so many areas of life--including our independent music careers. Now, I'm not…Read more

Should Music Be Free?

There is a question that we as artists and musicians have to face eventually: Should Music be Free?

Most people who are creators will say 'no' right off the bat, because we value our work and know that there…Read more

2015 CMA Fest Instant Replay!


Michael Boris, Bill DiLuigi, Manuel and me

CMA Music Fest 2015 was a total blur and a total blast!

A few of my favorite moments include:

- Performing at Manuel's Couture. You probably know him best as the American…Read more

The Truth about 'Releasing a Single'

We see it everywhere in the music biz: [Insert Artist Name here] has a new single! But, what does that really mean?

Well, to break it down, there are SINGLES, Singles and singles...

The SINGLE- Major Label Release or theRead more

Lyric Videos to the Rescue: Low Cost, Big Results

"Love Shouldn't Hurt" Lyric Video
If you don't have big money to make a big budget video (like me and most other indie artists), consider lyric videos to bring your song to life!

There are essentially a couple low-cost ways…Read more

Radio Insights With Cullen Kehoe...

Me, Joe and Cullen with his furry sidekick

On a recent radio station visit to Knoxville I had the chance to meet Cullen Kehoe, Programmer/Production DirectorAmericana Nights, WFIV 105.3 FM. For those of you who may not know, My…Read more

Hello Radio: DIY Promotion in 7 Steps

For the first time I'm promoting a record of mine to radio. And, I'm learning a lot about how promotion at radio works. So, here are a few tips for you artists who are about to embark on the same…Read more

The Magical Keys of Gary Prim...

Gary and me talking music at Edgehill Cafe

With credits like Keith Whitley, Charlie Pride, Alabama, Kenny Chesney, Billy Currington and Alan Jackson to his name, Gary Prim is one of the top keyboard players in Nashville. What also makes…Read more

Thom Flora: The Sound Shifter

The Vocal Team: Me with Thom Flora and Judy Rodman

When I asked John Willis (producer) and Judy Rodman (vocal producer) who we should have sing male background vocals on my new record, they both looked at each other and…Read more

Grammy Winning Ghost: Leslie Ellis

Leslie Ellis, photo by Sheri O’Neal ©2009

Leslie Ellis is a no-nonsense, level headed, roll-up-your-sleeves kind of person. And what she said this year from the stage at the Tin Pan South songwriter’s festival hit me as just as hard…Read more

Nashville Bridge Feature- In the Studio!

Brad Hardisty, Shantell Ogden, John Willis

Thanks to Brad Hardisty for stopping by the studio and interviewing me about the new record!

Here's a little excerpt:

"I’ve partnered with some of the best hit writers is Nashville, Jan Buckingham and…Read more