Backstage with Eddie Bayers: 'American Master' Musician- Part 1

Eddie Bayers in his 'office' on the Grand Ole Opry

As a 16-year-old Eddie Bayers became an orphan, and it was then he started the long road to making a living as a musician.

It's been an interesting journey at times, but now he sits in one of the most exclusive seats in the musical world as the drummer in the house band at the Grand Ole Opry. Beyond that, he's busy doing session work around Nashville. In fact, Bayers has played on literally hundreds of hit records (300 Gold and Platinum) since moving to Nashville in 1972 (full list here).

Recently Bayers was recognized by Berklee College of Music as an "American Master" for his generosity and deep commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of young musicians, providing them opportunities to grow as artists and leaders.

In part one of this exclusive video interview, Bayers talks about the music business and his views on types of music. Click to watch below and share!