I'm blessed to have a music family!

These are the folks that host house concerts, donate to recording funds, consistently promote on social media and oh-so-much more. You're family when you go the extra mile to support me in making and sharing music, and I could not do this without you!

There will be more news coming about the SuperFam in 2017, so please stay tuned!


Lori Walking Eagle
Clarence Bonner
Jerry Casagrande
Bob and Barb Lilianstrom
Ramie and Brett Hiss
Sydnei and Larry Mills
Garry "CAPPO" Fedele
Molly Frey
Camille Nelson
Chris West
Dave Carew
Nancy Holmlund
Keith Koons
D. Larry Logan
Janae Stolle
Shane Adams
Ed Gertler
Jeff Byrd
Adele Helmle
John Walker
Jerry Nidiffer
Melanie and Tyler DeSpain
Larry Mascaro
Mark and Kim Johnson
Jonathan Barker