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Opening for Sawyer Brown!

In November I was incredibly honored to open for Sawyer Brown in my home state of Utah! It was an amazing night and so many friends and family members where there to support me as well as hear a…

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My Two Loves

Jessi Lu and me

Music and animals have always been part of my life. 

My dad used to put me on the edge of the watering trough at the farm as a kid to wait for him…

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The Parable of the Hike


In-the-Round: Me, Jan Buckingham and Donna DeSopo. Photo credit Bill Warrington.

Years ago, a friend shared a story with me about a very challenging hike she went on. The trail would end at an amazing summit that…

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Music City Orange Coconut Bark

Last October I gave up desserts. For those of you who know me this is a VERY big deal as my sweet tooth is legendary. But, there was one thing I just couldn't give up: CHOCOLATE.

After trying…

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Mending Fences

My Dad Fixing the Fence

In July, I spent some time with my family in Utah and because I’m still a cowgirl at heart, I got to go ride horses with my dad to fix the fence on our…Read more

God-Given Inspiration: Composer Merrill Jenson

Merrill Jenson
Merrill Jenson has been called the “John Williams” of Utah, but this sought-after composer is humble about his credentials, and candid about what makes him tick.

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Driving Cattle Through the Snow?

  If you know me well, you know I was raised on a third generation dairy farm in Richfield, Utah. And, you may have also heard me say that growing up with all that manure and hard work prepared me…Read more

Back in the Saddle Again (Literally!)

Like many farm kids, much of my childhood was spent in the saddle. Yep, riding horses was a huge part of my life – and it’s something that I miss living in the city.
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Battling the Wind- Chasing the Sun

A couple of weeks ago, I went on an adventure!

Christal Anderson and I went to Scipio, Utah for a photo shoot (she is a very talented photographer specializing in natural light pics- check out her work hereRead more