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My First International Review

Thanks to the kind folks at Maverick Magazine in the UK for reviewing my album "Stories Behind Songs" in their recent issue! I'm blushing...

"Shantell Ogden’s STORIES BEHIND SONGS embraces the raw materials of country music and…Read more

Look Out Country Radio, Here We Come!!!

  On January 26, "Great American Song" (DiLuigi, Ogden, Stewart) will be impacting at Country Radio! What this basically means in fancy music industry speak is that radio stations will begin adding the song to rotation and reporting spins…Read more

My First Music Video!

Thanks to Doug at RockStep Creative for editing this vintage footage from my childhood into a music video for "I Love Different Now."  Hope you like it!   

Dating a Truck and A Goodbye Getaway!

Here's an inside look at a vocal tracking session at Nashville Sound Lab for the new album, Stories Behind Songs.


In this session I worked on "I Miss Dating Truck" (Jarman/Ogden) and "Goodbye Getaway."



Dave Bobrow's Percussion Arsenal!

When I was planning for my new album, Stories Behind Songs, I just kept thinking that I needed some common threads to make the blend of country and folk tunes 'hang' as a collective work.

Percussionist Dave Bobrow…Read more

Monty Parkey: Heard the call of Whisperin' Bill...

Recently Monty Parkey stopped by to play on a couple of tunes for my new album Stories Behind Songs. Monty has played keys for country music legends Whisperin' Bill Anderson and Alan Jackson, and he currently plays with Darryl…Read more

Kevin Post and the Sound of Country Music!

I was in the studio one day with Dave Smith and we were talking about what other instruments the songs on my new album needed. I’ve always loved the sound of the pedal steel guitar, and we agreed that steel…Read more

In the beginning...

After three years, it was time to get back into the studio to record!

I started this project with a great partner in crime...Dave Smith. He is a killer musician (plays guitar for Lee Greenwood), producer and…Read more