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Holiday Films to Enjoy with your Family

If you're anything like my family, after the gifts, the food and the general holiday chaos, you might be ready to unwind under the Christmas lights with a nice holiday film. Here are a few to I'd recommend checking out...

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Hello Lifetime

Like many of you, I've watched Lifetime TV for years - and in the last couple of months I've been really honored to have my songs appear in these films...

As part of their vicious Valentine's, Old Flames Never die…

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Songs from Our Father's Keeper


Recently, I was honored to have two original songs featured in Rob Diamond's film, Our Father's Keeper. It's a touching story about a family dealing with alzheimer's. It encourages viewers to grow in love and understanding for one another…

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Dreams are Free: Hustle is Sold Separately

Recently I was giggling with a good friend and fellow songwriter about what a typical day looks like as an indie artist. This particular day, in addition to my eight hour day job, I...
  • Reviewed and completed a music license…
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Should Music Be Free?

There is a question that we as artists and musicians have to face eventually: Should Music be Free?

Most people who are creators will say 'no' right off the bat, because we value our work and know that there…Read more

Morning Music: Good Day Utah TV Appearance

On Thursday, July 30, I performed on the Good Day Utah Morning Show on Fox 13!!!

The anchors Kelly Chapman and Kerri Cronk were so sweet to us---and it was so much fun to watch them behind-the-scenes! These ladies have…Read more

My Song Coming Out in a New Film!

I'm really excited to announce that a song I co-wrote with Marcum Stewart and Dayna Shereck called "Whatdaya Say", performed by Miss Olivia Frances, will soon appear in the new Jerry Casagrande film "On The Wing"! The film stars the…Read more

Hard Work and Heart: Randall Foster


Meeting with Randall on Music Row

Surrounded by stacks of music in a busy Nashville office, Randall Foster is a music industry insider, creative mastermind and community builder.
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Song in a Movie? Pinch Me!

Thanks to Dave Carew for his interview about the upcoming Storm Rider movie- my first song to appear in a movie!

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A Second Chance for Kids...

  One of the biggest blessings of my music career has been the opportunity to meet amazing people who are changing the world for the better.

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Jeff Gray: Exploiting Music Copyrights

Me and Jeff Gray

1- What do you think it takes to succeed in the music business today?

this question will always always cause me discomfort and my answer(s) will probably aggravate or confuse many people. To…Read more

Making Music With Integrity

I chatted with Maddie Madsen recently, and she was so kind as to answer some of my questions for
Berklee College of Music's alumni blog.  The following is a re-posting of the blog on Berklee Blogs.

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Look Out Nashville! Here Comes Jan Buckingham


Jan and I backstage at the Grand Ole Opry

Nashville didn’t see Jan Buckingham coming…

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Jan discovered her knack for writing when she wrote her first song, titled “Oh Sad Little Blue Bird”…

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Step Inside Firehouse Studios

Firehouse Studios in Pasadena
   It’s not every day you get to step inside a studio with suede walls and a Bosendorfer piano. But I was lucky enough to do just that in Pasadena recently when I… Read more

Pinch Me Moments with Michael Jay


Hit Songwriter and Producer Michael Jay
in his studio in LA

If you’re in the pop, R&B and dance music world, chances are you know Michael Jay.  After all, the LA-based producer/songwriter has penned some well-loved hits for…

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What Happens After Berklee?

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview a friend of mine who is a film composer in LA, Jeremy (Jezza) Borum, for Berklee College of Music's alumni blog. The following is a re-posting of the blog on Berklee BlogsRead more