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Positive Disruption: Team Building Through Music


Billy Kirsch, hit songwriter and owner of Kidbilly Music

Positive Disruption: Team Building Through Music
In the late 1990’s hit songwriter Billy Kirsch saw a change coming in the music industry, spurred by digital downloads.
Kirsch, who always had an…Read more

Backstage with Nelson...

Matt, Shantell and Gunner

When I was a pimply teenager on the farm in Utah, I had a big crush on a 'big hair' duo named Nelson. They broke onto the charts with mega hits in the early 90's like …Read more

Radio Insights With Cullen Kehoe...

Me, Joe and Cullen with his furry sidekick

On a recent radio station visit to Knoxville I had the chance to meet Cullen Kehoe, Programmer/Production DirectorAmericana Nights, WFIV 105.3 FM. For those of you who may not know, My…Read more

Hello Radio: DIY Promotion in 7 Steps

For the first time I'm promoting a record of mine to radio. And, I'm learning a lot about how promotion at radio works. So, here are a few tips for you artists who are about to embark on the same…Read more

Guitar Players, Meet the Piano

Kevin King at NAMM in Nashville

If you’re a guitar player who wants to learn piano, I’ve got someone you need to meet. Say hello to Kevin King, CEO and founder of Pianokingdom- a company that has created a…Read more

5 Ways Recording is Like Having a Baby

So I'm about to begin a big adventure-  recording my fifth record!!!

And, I got thinking that recording an album is a lot like having a baby, at least in these five ways:
  • Emotions run high-…
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Jeff Gray: Exploiting Music Copyrights

Me and Jeff Gray

1- What do you think it takes to succeed in the music business today?

this question will always always cause me discomfort and my answer(s) will probably aggravate or confuse many people. To…Read more

Screaming Backwards with Judy Rodman

If you're in Nashville, chances are you've heard of Judy Rodman. Not only is she a top vocal coach, she's a hit songwriter, in-demand vocal session producer and avid artist with her most recent band 6Play.

God-Given Inspiration: Composer Merrill Jenson

Merrill Jenson
Merrill Jenson has been called the “John Williams” of Utah, but this sought-after composer is humble about his credentials, and candid about what makes him tick.

“I grew up in Richfield, Utah and there was…Read more

Making Music With Integrity

I chatted with Maddie Madsen recently, and she was so kind as to answer some of my questions for
Berklee College of Music's alumni blog.  The following is a re-posting of the blog on Berklee Blogs.

  …Read more

Look Out Nashville! Here Comes Jan Buckingham


Jan and I backstage at the Grand Ole Opry

Nashville didn’t see Jan Buckingham coming…

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Jan discovered her knack for writing when she wrote her first song, titled “Oh Sad Little Blue Bird”…

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Mark Montgomery & Gary Gold Speak the Truth

Mark Montgomery, Shantell Ogden and Gary Gold

Last week,  Berklee Alumni and friends in Nashville had the opportunity to hear the wisdom and candor of digital entreprenuer and music industry expert Mark Montgomery and well-known Producer/Musician/Engineer Gary Gold.

Here…Read more

Voice Matters - With Judy Rodman

Me and Judy Rodman
With 40 years of training and experience, Judy Rodman knows the voice like only an expert could. On March 6, she shared her wisdom with a group of Berklee alumni- covering everything from…Read more