Voice Matters - With Judy Rodman

Me and Judy Rodman

With 40 years of training and experience, Judy Rodman knows the voice like only an expert could. On March 6, she shared her wisdom with a group of Berklee alumni- covering everything from what it takes to make a living as a vocalist to how to 'inhale the words' and 'scream backwards.'

I soaked in a lot of things to help me personally sing better through the critique session, and captured a few notes as well:
  • If you're an artist, you need to find the best songs you can get- no matter who wrote them. You should be networking online and offline and have an understanding of marketing and promotion. It's also important to have a consistent 'look'. In addition, you shouldn't get a record deal until you don't need one. (There's more advice below- so check out her clip!)
  • As a session singer, you need 'surgical control' of your voice. This includes pitch control and the ability to sing harmonies on the spot. You need to be dependable, consistent, professional and easy to get in touch with.
  • For background singers, it's important to be able to 'trace' the lead singer and know how to blend. You also have to understand that if you're on the road, you're less likely to get session work- and weigh the risks of this.
  • If you're a musician or producer/engineer, it's a good idea to get vocal training so you can improve your chances of getting a touring gig and understand what singers are going through in the studio.
Judy also said that no amount of training is a substitute for sleep, hydration and protein from non-mucus forming foods. She said that vocal training can help heal damage, maximize your ability, protect your voice and strengthen your vocal chords so you can sing at full voice for longer durations.

For more information on Judy and a FREE guide to vocal health, visit Judy Rodman's website.

Watch a clip of Judy's workshop here.

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