The Men’s Bathroom and Josh Turner…

Me with Josh Turner
This may be a little (okay, totally) embarrassing to admit but last week when I was backstage at the Grand Ole Opry I hung out near the men's bathroom hoping that Josh Turner would need to stop by prior to taking the stage. Desperate you say? Perhaps. Strange? Well...maybe, but...

On his way to the stage he did in fact stop! Here's how the conversation went:

Me: Hey! Could I get a photo with you? I've been waiting here hoping you'd stop by.
Josh: Sure! So, have you met any nice people here?
Me: Yes, in fact I have met several.
Josh: Who did you meet?
Me: Well, some people who needed to use the facilities. And, there was one guitar player who took his instrument in there with him too.
(Side note: this was strange in many ways. Maybe I'll post about instruments and hygiene at a later time).

So, Josh was laughing a little at me when we took the photo which was great. And, I'm sure that it's not the strangest way he's ever met a fan either.

Yep. It's true!

Josh Turner Singing his Current Single: Time Is Love

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  • Josh S.

    Josh S.

    Haha! True story, I can vouch. What a fun night at the Opry.

    Haha! True story, I can vouch. What a fun night at the Opry.

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