Some of My Favorite Tunes, Thanks to Rich Fagan

Rich Fagan and Me at the Commodore
From "Be My Baby Tonight" (a number one hit for John Michael Montgomery), "Overnight Male" (recorded by George Strait) and "Only On Days that End in Y" (number five hit for Clay Walker), Rich Fagan's songs are both interesting and intellegent as well as totally sing-a-long-able.

The first time I heard Rich was in-the-round with a friend and fellow co-writer, Kurt Fortmeyer, at the Bluebird a couple years ago. As he played I realized that many of my favorite songs growing up (like the ones above) were penned by Rich. It was eye-opening to say the least!

A stellar performer, Rich is part comedian, part commentator and one hundred percent colorful. He held out one of his notes for a full eight bars during this show- impressive- and then joked that he would have held it longer but he didn't want to "show off."

Watch this video to learn about Rich's approach to songwriting and "breaking the rules."

Rich Fagan at the Commodore in Nashville on March 10

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