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So, I've started blogging as a way to keep up a little more with what I'm up to. Consider it a live journal with little snippets here and there of sessions, co-writes, events and other (hopefully) interesting stuff.


My career as a songwriter is already in-progress, so I'm not going to try to go back and fill everyone in on the nitty gritty of the years up to this point. I'll just start mid-stream with what's going on at the moment...


This week I went to the Country Music Summit in Nashville. It was a music industry conference and in two very informative days I listened to panel discussions featuring the top managers, labels, radio stations, publishers, songwriters and artists. It was AWESOME and I tweeted about it the whole time! To read some of the feed, use the tag #cms2011 and search here.


The highlight for me was (of course) the songwriter panel. I literally 'rushed the stage' afterwards to talk with hit artist/songwriter Rhett Akins. You may know some of his songs: Honey Bee, That Ain't My TruckPut a Girl In It and Don't Get Me Started. He gave me some great insight and ideas on the writing and publishing process. I could go on for pages about this---but let me just say that I'll be getting him a Christmas card this year somehow. :)


And, I'd strongly recommend you consider checking out Rhett's music. For you hunters out there, he has an album of what he describes as 'romantic hunting and fishing songs.' Epic.


Here's a picture of me and Rhett at the event (and yes, I was sort of star struck, people---it's like meeting a movie star to me).



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