From Prince to John Mayer: Meet Creator Roger Linn


Roger Playing his LinnStrument

Roger Linn is no ordinary creator. But, I'll get to that in a moment...

As a short background to this exclusive interview, I've always loved the song "Quittin' Time" released in 1989 by Mary Chapin Carpenter. I recently looked up the writers because I was curious. Ah, the benefits of Google!

In any case, I found and contacted one of the writers, Roger Linn, through his website and asked if I might interview him. What followed was not only the story behind a great song, but an…Read more

Dreams are Free: Hustle is Sold Separately

Recently I was giggling with a good friend and fellow songwriter about what a typical day looks like as an indie artist. This particular day, in addition to my eight hour day job, I...
  • Reviewed and completed a music license for specific TV pitch
  • Reviewed and completed a music license for another company to represent a song of mine
  • Had a conversation with a friend about possible music for her weekly podcasts---and researched typical rates for podcast licenses
  • Followed up on a local play that is…
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5 Resolutions Singer/Songwriters Can Stick To

A few years ago I saw a bumper sticker that said "Increased Happiness by Lowered Expectations."

In my opinion, this little gem of wisdom can be applied to so many areas of life--including our independent music careers. Now, I'm not saying we shouldn't aim high and reach for the stars, but it's also positive to achieve and celebrate small wins. Let's face it, we all have limited time, energy and resources, and what we set out to do should actually be, well doable. So, in keeping with the idea that 1) goals…Read more

Should Music Be Free?

There is a question that we as artists and musicians have to face eventually: Should Music be Free?

Most people who are creators will say 'no' right off the bat, because we value our work and know that there is a cost in creating it (recording, etc.). We also see it as a skill/trade, and we don't expect others to give out their skills for free. In fact, here's a pretty funny video about what happens when you ask non-creative people to do their work for free to put this perspective into context.

  Recently, I…Read more

Shantell Ogden Honored with Songwriter of the Year and Americana Song of the Year at the 2015 IMEA Awards

At the International Music and Entertainment Association (IMEA) awards on October 24, 2015, Nashville-based artist and songwriter Shantell Ogden won two top honors: Songwriter of the Year and Americana Song of the Year for "Ghosts in the Field." The IMEA Awards are presented annually to honor and recognize the best in independent music and entertainment, internationally.

"It is a true honor to be recognized at the IMEA awards this year!" said Shantell. "As an artist and songwriter, it means so much to know…Read more

What You Wanna Know: Top 5 Questions About Nashville

I seem to do a lot of mentoring and coaching of other artists. This isn’t because I feel like I have this all figured out in building a music career, not even close. It’s mostly because I know how hard it is, first hand. I’ve been on this road for 17 years now. And, I also know how frustrating it can be to not have any help as an indie artist when you are trying to figure out the next step.
When I get asked questions from young artists, or artists new to Nashville, I can guarantee I will be asked at least…Read more

Backstage with Eddie Bayers: Part 2


A 40 year veteran in the music industry in Nashville, Eddie Bayers is Nashville royalty. Beyond playing in the Grand Ole Opry as the house drummer, Bayers has played on hundreds of hit records (300 Gold and Platinum) since moving to Nashville in 1972 (full list here).

Recently Bayers was recognized by Berklee College of Music as an "American Master" for his generosity and deep commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of young musicians, providing them opportunities to grow as artists and…Read more

Proud to Be #2!

Break out the chocolate!

I just found out "Blossom in the Dust" from my new album Ghosts in the Field hit #2 on the Americana/Country Song Chart by the Roots Music Report! It's the highest rising single I've ever had as an artist, and I'm really really excited about it!

The song is about second chances, and although I didn't write it (Joe Doyle, Jon Henderson and Mallary Hope did), it really touched my heart and I knew it was a story I needed to share.

I want to thank all the stations who supported me as well…Read more

Morning Music: Good Day Utah TV Appearance

On Thursday, July 30, I performed on the Good Day Utah Morning Show on Fox 13!!!

The anchors Kelly Chapman and Kerri Cronk were so sweet to us---and it was so much fun to watch them behind-the-scenes! These ladies have it down to the second and even read prompters while walking from set to set in heels. What pros!

The band (Bill D and Scott Monson) and I played three tunes, "Ghosts in the Field," "Just a Little" and "Til My John Wayne Comes Along." And, as Bill always says, "No one got hurt." Great times!

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Joining the SESAC Family!

Me with ET Brown at SESAC

Today I'm thrilled to announce that I have become a SESAC artist and songwriter! For those of you not in the music biz, SESAC is a performing rights organization that collects royalties for writers and publishers, and represents our interests with lawmakers as well. My new publishing company at SESAC will be called 'Homestead Hits' to honor my rural roots and the fact I'm setting up a new home at SESAC to write what I hope will be many hits! 

“We’re very happy to welcome Shantell to…Read more