Backstage with Nelson... 

Matt, Shantell and Gunner When I was a pimply teenager on the farm in Utah, I had a big crush on a 'big hair' duo named Nelson. They broke onto the charts with mega hits in the early 90's like After the Rain and I Can't Live (Without Your Love and Affection). I used to watch their videos over and over on MTV and wait for them to come onto the radio so I could sing along. Fast forward more than 20 years… Read more

An Adventure of 'Fabulous Firsts': CMA Fest 2014 

On stage at the Samsung Galaxy Stage at CMA Fest! CMA Fest 2014 is winding down, and I'm thinking about all the fabulous 'firsts' that came from this week! Here are just a few that come to mind... Thanks to Lee Williams of CMR Nashville (who has been promoting my first two singles to European radio) I had my first CMA Fest appearances. He put on several showcases this week with… Read more

Lyric Videos to the Rescue: Low Cost, Big Results 

"Love Shouldn't Hurt" Lyric Video If you don't have big money to make a big budget video (like me and most other indie artists), consider lyric videos to bring your song to life!There are essentially a couple low-cost ways to create a lyric video- DIY or hire someone at a reasonable indie musician rate.DIYIf you're a tech person with a good eye, consider getting a program like… Read more

Jennifer Batten: A Fierce Woman and Her Guitar 

  Jennifer Batten and me Jennifer Batten has played guitar for two of the biggest and most discriminating artists of all-time: Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck. In addition, she has carved out a successful solo career with a one-woman show. I was lucky enough to be front and center in Austin at the MeowCon conference where she was speaking about her career. In a candid interview with Beth… Read more

​‘Perspiration not Inspiration’ Ben Hayslip talks Songwriting 

  Ben Hayslip and me Ben Hayslip found his way from Evans, Georgia to the top of the country music charts. And, we were lucky enough to hear his story at the most recent Nashville Berklee Jam at The Rutledge in downtown Nashville, hosted by Eric Normand. Ben attributes his success in the music business to three things: refusing to fail, working hard at it every day and… Read more

Radio Insights With Cullen Kehoe... 

Me, Joe and Cullen with his furry sidekick On a recent radio station visit to Knoxville I had the chance to meet Cullen Kehoe, Programmer/Production DirectorAmericana Nights, WFIV 105.3 FM. For those of you who may not know, My i105 a AAA station with stellar Americana programming too. When I started to find out more about all of the industry experience Cullen has (as an artist, a songwriter, you name… Read more

5 Reasons People Won't Help You in the Music Business... 

This edition of the blog may stir the pot a bit, and this is only my opinion, but I think some of these realities need to be shared- especially with newcomers to the industry. So, here are five reasons that I've found that people won't help you in the music business...1-Competition- the competition is fierce in the music industry, and companies, who are run by people, have… Read more

It's time for my close up... 

After all these years, I finally have a video intro that talks about my music- from the front porch to the studio. Thanks to the awesome work of Noelle Rodriguez, I have a video EPK! Jessi even makes a guest appearance…and she can work a scene. :)   What do you think?  

Hello Radio: DIY Promotion in 7 Steps 

For the first time I'm promoting a record of mine to radio. And, I'm learning a lot about how promotion at radio works. So, here are a few tips for you artists who are about to embark on the same journey!Just as a background, radio promoters essentially work to sell your record (and you as an artist) to radio stations and programmers. The cost of these services vary widely, but in the Americana… Read more

"Just the Lonely" Named Top 10 Song! 

There are days as a singer-songwriter that I just pinch myself because something really great happens, and today was one of those days! One of the songs from my new album, Just the Lonely, was named a top 10 song-of-the week by Alternate Root magazine.Here's a little bit of the review from Danny McCloskey:"The emptiness bounces off the walls as Shantell Ogden opens her song and her heart on “Just the Lonely”.Read the full review and view the other tunes through this link.